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SElink secure virtual networking

The Disruptive Approach to Contemporary Networking

SElink introduces a technological change in your organisation to solve the pervasive vulnerabilities of outdated, cumbersome and lousy standard solutions.
Why rely on dinosaur-age solutions for your network security and reliability? SElink is the answer to modern network dissolved perimeters!

Quantum safe

Zero Trust Networking

Network virtualisation

Designed to protect data in motion

SElink is the evolution of standard VPN technologies

Benefits at a glance

The way forward to enhance your security posture

SElink is quantum-safe to future-proof your business from incumbent quantum attacks


The most effective solution for better performance over poor network connections

SElink maintains data persistence, requires extremely low bandwidth to establish links and zero data overhead on encryption


The finer method to simpler and granular access control

Achieved through split tunnelling and application secure micro-channeling, configured and managed from remote through a centralised dashboard


Your software-defined strategy to virtual networking

SElink helps you gain greater control and manageability through the tokenisation of service-level routes


Typical Use Cases

SElink applications in the IT domain include secure remote-access and authentication to information held in centralised database servers, applications and other online-based services

Work from home
Work from home
Business Apps
Business Apps
ATM and PoS
ATM and PoS
Self-service Kiosks
Self-service Kiosks
Critical Infrastructures
Critical Infrastructures
Vending Machines
Vending Machines
Online Gaming
Online Gaming

Main features

More Data, Less Bandwidth

Zero overhead

Future-proof your network security

Quantum resilient strategies

No personal traffic reaching your company

Split Tunnelling by design

One tunnel One application

Application secure micro channeling

Lock out malicious software

Application access control

Free endusers from device configurations

Centralised endpoint management

Stable connections on poor networks

Automatic session recovery

Activate multiple tunnels at the same time

Simultaneous multi-site connections

Dematerialise your network routes

Network virtualisation

Business continuity in one single product

Integrated redundancy and disaster recovery

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